Tiffany Quillan

Screenshot_2019-04-11-20-58-38.png  Tiffany, also known as TrolltasticTiffie, is a cosplayer born and raised in Alabama! She is an avid gamer, anime fan, and a self-proclaimed professional napper and sugar addict. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Jacksonville State University, and loves interacting with kids!
  Most of her cosplays are bought or pieced together, with most of her accessories being made by her. She started her love of dressing up with an early background in beauty pageants, then stepped onto the convention scene in 2009 at KamiCon in Birmingham. Sometimes her husband, Jay, cosplays with her! Some couples cosplays they have done includes The Joker and Harley Quinn and Lusamine and Guzma from Pokemon.
  Tiffany is also a member of Shout Out World, which is a social media group that visits conventions all over the South to deliver quality coverage and lots of hype!
  Follow her on Instagram at @TrolltasticTiffie and follow Shout Out World Media on Facebook to see more of her adventures!