Staff & Volunteers

If you would like to become volunteer staff for NuCon,
please use the contact page here on the site and let us know.


 Founder Matthew DavisFounderBooking & Promotions
 Me Sith Tommy LongArt and Tech
Starting with doodling the U.S.S. Enterprise and Darth Vader in elementary school, Tom has spent the majority of his life doing art. From hand painting signs for businesses and air-brushing tee shirts, his art foray led him into computer graphics and the sign and print business, as well as to develop hobbies of 3D modeling and animation and web technologies. He is also a musician and a shade-tree mechanic, fixing things automotive, computerized and more.
 TJG T.J. GennaroAdmissions


 candace Candace Brooks
She is a wife and mother who comes from a family of geeks. She started volunteering for Cons in 2011. Her Fandoms include DC, Marvel, The Walking Dead, & Stargate, plus many others. She enjoys collecting geeky memorabilia and doing puzzles and most of all, she’s a gamer.
 FB_IMG_1527295077064 Jennifer Tipler
Jen is a mother of 2 kids. Daughter Nicole is 16 and son Drake is 8. As a family they have been enjoying attending the Gadsden zombie parade every year for the past 5 years. Her fandoms include Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and The walking Dead. She enjoys helping out with NuCon and meeting new people.
 13006747_10154887820167818_2668762721154388510_n Kate Fickell
In the spring of 2017, Kate graduated from the Photojournalism program at Ohio University before traveling down to Alabama. If she’s not working on the next video for her YouTube channel, then she’s probably antiquing for Star Wars collectibles, drinking a craft brew or taking a nap with her cat. She’s excited to help out at her first Con ever, so go say hello!
 Real Mariah Mariah Cassels
Local unicorn and fairy expert Mariah Cassels enjoys studying all things magical and unearthly from fairies to vampires. This is her second year to volunteer ar NuCon.
 Nichole Nichole Jordan
 Paul Paul McCrae
 Reb Rebecca Howell
 Richard Richard Craven
 Whit Whitney Parker