Rick Montana

Rick will be debuting his newest book: Zombie Ranger 3 at NuCon.
This is the first place it will be seen.28577859_10157105784164392_6905298021638995968_oRick Montana is an actor/author/entertainer who has performed in a wide range of entertainment enterprises.  He was the host of the Rick Montana Show for over 8 years, appeared in local commercials, did voice over’s for radio commercials, and was a principal actor in 10 movies, starring  in 3 of them.  He was the Director of National Advertising for the U.S. Navy Recruiting Command where he was in charge of production of several national Navy TV commercials including:  100%; The Creed; The Shield; Flags; and Mi Navy.  He also supervised production of over 30 other Navy recruiting videos which can be seen on Navy.com.  A list of the books he has written is provided under the “Author” section.

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FILM: (All Principal Roles)               *Return of the Beast                    Arledge Productions
                                                             Miss Maniac (Charlie & Sadie) Don Farmer
* Male Lead                                       * Search For The Beast                Elk Creek Entertainment
                                                          * Redneck Revenge                      JARIDA Productions
                                                             Southern Discomfort                 Firebird International
                                                             Active Stealth – SAG                 Royal Oaks
                                                             Invisible Mom II – SAG            Synthetic Film Works
                                                             Bikini HoeDown                       New City Releasing
                                                             Dear Santa                                 APIX
                                                             Fugitive Rage                            APIX

TELEVISION & Commercials:           The Rick Montana Show (26 episodes Fox 13 Memphis)  plus 7 years on Cable One Anniston, AL
                                                             AFN Incirlik  (1 yr) – Weekly – (Incirlik Air Base, Turkey)  
 Professional Wrestling (dozens); Assorted Fairs;  Jamborees; Circuses; Concerts; & many more

LIVE APPEARANCES:                      Alabama Championship Wrestling (weekly TV);

PRO WRESTLING                              Dixie Championship Wrestling; Southeastern
                                                             Championship Wrestling; other regional promotions

SINGING:                                            Jerry Clower Concerts (4); Alabama Air Show; Southwest
                                                            Asia Tour (Desert Storm)(4months); multiple Fairs;
                                                            Plus dozens more ranging from 1 to 15,000 attendance

AUTHOR:                                           Dynamic Fund Raising Projects (1991 & 2016))
An Alien View of Human History  (2014)
Straight Talk:  Political Correctness  (2015)
Zombie Ranger: A New Beginning (2016)
Zombie Ranger: Rescue Mission (2016)
Zombie Ranger 3 (2018)

SPECIAL SKILLS:                             Singing; Pro Wrestling; Stunts; Motorcycles; Horses;     Weapons (Army Veteran)