$15 Lightsaber Build Challenge

lightsaber parts.jpg

This year everyone is challenged to build a lightsaber hilt from any materials that you want.


• You are only allowed to spend a total of $15.00 on the parts. (Please keep all of the receipts.)

• Each saber will be judged on looks, originality and functionality.

• You cannot use any parts from other existing light sabers.

You can turn in your saber anytime during the convention prior to the deadline. Deadline for entry is 2:00 pm Sunday. May the Force be with you.

The Guest List Is Up

Gil Gerard Text

We’re very proud to announce that Gil Gerard will be joining us this year. We’ve also added all the guests that have confirmed so far on the Guest List. If it looks a little thin, worry ye not! We’ve still got a great deal of booking and confirming to do. All guests will be posted as their info becomes available, so stay tuned..