Jordan Duncan

PicsArt_04-30-11.20.35Jordan Duncan, also known as Multifandom Cosplay Trash, is a cosplayer and artist, who occasionally dabbles in nature photography. She is a gamer, and a self proclaimed geek with a love for both DC and Marvel, as well as Supernatural.
Most of her cosplays are pieced together and bought, but there will be occasional pieces she has made, as she wants to delve into cosplay making!
She started her love of cosplay in 2012, when she first cosplayed the Angel Castiel from the hit show Supernatural.
She’s still very new to the convention scene, her first being Annicon 2019. Jordan is also a member of Jo’s Art Blog on Facebook, so give it a like!
She will be dressed as Captain Marvel for NuCon 2019, displaying three cosplays and selling artwork.