Convention Rules

It’s a fan convention and common sense can go a long way. We’re all here to have a great time! Be kind and be friendly and folks will usually respond in kind. Any kind of rude, obnoxious or violent behavior is a sure-fire way to be asked to leave (no refunds on ejections). If anyone is bothering you, please be sure to alert the staff and we’ll take care of it.

• 1. No horseplay on Convention Hall property. (This includes any type of sword fighting or swinging weapons or props indoors or near others. Throwing of anything indoors is also prohibited.)

• 2. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

• 3. All blade type weapons must be peace tied.

• 4. All other type weapons will be inspected. Anything that can fire a projectile will be peace tied, no exceptions.

• 5. No harassment of any kind allowed. If violated, you will be asked to leave immediately.

• 6. No loud, obscene or lewd music allowed.

• 7. No heckling of guests.

• 8. No “real world” weapons allowed

• 9. No outside food or beverages.

• 10. If you damage any property (venue, vendors or otherwise), a “You break it, you bought it” policy will be in full effect. Intentional damage is grounds for ejection from the venue.

We want everyone to have the best time ever, so observe these rules and use common sense and we’ll have a great event for everyone, this year and for years to come. If you have any questions, find a staff member, they’ll be happy to help.