Ciara Dawn Gooch

  Ciara has been cosplaying since March 2017. She made her debut in the con world and won Best in Class Novice as Bayonetta at Anime Blues Con 7.
Other achievements:
• First Place as Bulma at Nerd-Vana 2017
• Best in Class Journeyman as Sailor Venus at Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention 2017
• Best Female Cosplayer for Sesshomaru at Tupelo Titan Con 2018
• Best Video Game Character for Zelda at JampCon 2018.
  Ciara is handy with different fabrics, sewing, moldable plastic, resin, foam, painting, wire, paper mache, wigs, makeup, etc. She hopes to expand her genre of materials she works with in the near future as she progresses as a cosplayer.