After Action Report

Bokeh Photo • Workman Reflections

THANK YOU EVERYONE! NuCon was a great success. Every visitor that I spoke with commented on how nice everyone was to them. Special thanks the people at the ticket table: T.J. Gennaro, Rebecca Howell, Whitney Parker, Nicole Murphy Jordan, & Katie Lemons. Thanks to Mariah Anastasia for dong a great job welcoming everyone to NuCon and to Ricard Craven and Jennifer Tipler for being great volunteers and helping with anything needed. You all were such great help. Thanks to Stephanie Mason from FYE for donating prizes for the attendees and contestants. Wish she could have been there.

Thank you to Lee Workman, Kayla Williamson and Chris Ellis for providing photography and great interaction with everyone.

A big thank you to each of the guests:
John Anderson, Rory Healy, Rick Montana, Tom Stedham,
Josh “TKO” Turner, Richard Fierce, Michael Lackey, Doug McKittrick, Austin Sirkin, Matthew Atchley, 501st Alabama Garrison, Tranquility Base Rebel Legion, C.A.P.E.R.S., Jared and Nicole Jordan, Freddy Clements, Josh and Madison Ballew, Tina Mickel, Felicia McLellan, Summer Winters, Matt Chamblee and Dan The Brave.

Thank you and appreciation to Nicole Hall for putting us in contact with many of the awesome guests that we had. Also, thank you to each of the vendors that attended.
And a Very Big thank you to our emcee Nicole Jordan. She volunteered her services when we were in need and really was a tremendous help and we appreciate her so very much.

Thanks also to my wife Michele and children Anastasia and Alora for all of their help and support. Last but not least: Thank you to my friends and partners in this endeavor: Tommy Long and Rick Habyan. This couldn’t have been accomplished without you guys. If I missed anyone else, it wasn’t intentional. Thank you all.

Matthew Davis


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