From Matthew Davis

   Thank you to everyone that attended NuCon in spite of the weather.  I know it’s not always easy to get out when the weather is so unpredictable.  We saw lots of familiar faces as well as new ones.  It’s always good to add new friends to our NuCon family.

     I appreciate Gil and Janet Gerard for attending again this year for the 40th anniversary of the Buck Rogers movie. Always good to have them here and always a pleasure to talk with them. Gil always keeps the crowd rivited with his stories and conversation. Hope to see them again soon.

     We had other guests this year that were top notch as well.  Some of the friendliest and most talented people in their field.  I appreciate each of them for coming.  I encourage everyone to visit their pages and check out their work. They are: MeLeesa Swann, Jared Vickery, Derrick and Megan Newton, Freddy Clements, John Anderson, members of the SCA: College of Phoenix Rising:  Mike Little, Linda Little, Kim Elliott, Patrick Swearengin and Hayleigh Marie Hazle. Also in attendence was Terry Collier, Kay Collier, Sean Collier, Jessica Collier, Jay and Tiffany Quillin, Tod and Rhia Grigsby, Connie Ables, the 404th legion with members: Justin Rhodes, Howard and Miki Hanson.  JNJ Cosplay with Jared and Nichole Jordan.  Roger Allen, Tara Atkins, Jordan Duncan and Ciara Dawn Gooch.  So glad that they all could be a part of NuCon.

     I would like to thank all of our volunteers that made sure everything ran smoothly and all of the guests and patrons had an enjoyable time.  They are: Aaren green, Ashtin Hicks, Jennifer Tipler, Nichole Autwell, Candace Brooks, Briana Horn, Carlotta Alexander, Richard Craven, Paul McRae, Joe McRae, Tom Gennaro and Ryan brown. 

A big thank you to Tom Long. He does all of the computer and graphics work for the con. Very grateful for all he does.

Thank you to Phillip Whitten of Salon Envi for his support of the cosplay contest.

     And thank you to my family: Michele, Anastasia and Alora for all of their support and assistance.

     I am looking forward to what the next year will bring for the con and hope to see you all there. My most sincere gratitude to everyone.

Last Chance for Advance Passes


Advance passes will end tonight at midnight. Get them now and save!

Also, Programs will be available at the door or
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NuCon Booklet 2019 FINAL

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend and hope you have a magnificent time at NuCon!

2019 Guest List Up

NuCon Glossy

The 2019 Guest List is now available for your perusal. Bear in mind that this list has morphogenic properties and as such, may change repeatedly over the next several weeks (regardless of time continuum flux, tachyon irradiation, dimensional shift or other unforseen forces). Be sure to check back often for optimum data retrieval.

Message from Matthew Davis

I would like to thank everyone that made NuCon 2018 a success. It was a weekend that brought people of many interests and backgrounds together for good conversation and good deals. We saw old friends as well as made new ones.

Our volunteers really stepped up to the plate this year. They went above and beyond to make sure all everyone was taken care of. They are, in no certain order: T.J. Gennaro, Candace Brooks, Richard Craven, Jennifer Tipler, Kate Fickell, Rebecca Howell, Whitney Parker, Carlotta Ingles, Tim Phillips and Ashtin Hicks, who was my right hand during the con. A special thank you to Paul McRae that made sure that our special guest Gil Gerard and his wife Janet was taken care of during the con. Everyone worked together to get every task done and made sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks everyone.

Our guests seem to always be the nicest and most considerate people around as well as the most entertaining and interesting to talk with.

Gil Gerard and Janet Gerard are some of the most enjoyable and down to earth people I have ever met and hope to have them back as often as possible.

Stephanie and Darrell Osborn are great people with some of the most incredible stories as well as incredible balloons.

All of our other guests were simply the best as well. Great people and a pleasure to be around. They were simply the kind of guests that people like and was thankful to have them there and they are certainly welcome back anytime. Please check out their sites. I am sure you will enjoy all they have to offer. They were Rory Healy, Terry Sims, Genni Montana, Michael Lackey, MeLeesa Swann, Keith Wahl, Derrick Megan Newton, SCA, Brian Alexander and ATG Entertainment, JNJ Cosplay, Freddy Clements,  Justin Rhodes & Brittany Farrell, Howard Hanson & his wife, and Malcolm Thorne. Thank you.

Rick Montana was scheduled to be with us and was excited about having a bigger part of the con. Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this year. We lost a dear friend, a wonderful entertainer and great personality.

Also, as with last year, I have to thank the attendees. There is nothing better than having a crowd that is friendly and considerate. Whether it was waiting patiently in line or not throwing trash on the floor, it was a great crowd. Thank you.

Special thanks to Rick Habyan for all the great promotional work he’s done.
Special thanks to Tom Long for all the I.T. and Graphic Design.
Thank you my friends.

Last but not least, my family was there as well helping when they could and being a great support. They are my wife Michele, daughters Anastasia and Alora and my mother Lucille Williams. Thank you so very much.

Looking forward to next year’s con and hoping to grow and improve every year. Thank you all so very much for a great convention. See you at our next event.

Online Sales End Tonight


Online sales end tonight at midnight. After that point, you’ll only be able to get passes at the convention.

Please look over and familiarize yourself with our rules. They’re there to insure that one and all have a great time. You can find the rules on the menu bar or you can just click HERE.

Kick-off Party!


Join us for delicious food and drink specials as we get ready to host NuCon! Buck Rogers may not be in town yet, but pack your blasters, spool up the FTL and get ready for a weekend that will be out of this world! All cosplay is welcome.

There will be some games available on the tables, a great menu and a Greedo Torpedo drink special! This event will be kid friendly and mother approved!